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Green Waste Products NZ: Revolutionizing the Golf Industry with Gorse Bioplastics

From Waste to Sustainable Innovation, Redefining Golf Accessories

Green Waste Products NZ, an innovative team driven by their passion for the environment and golf. Their groundbreaking business idea focuses on transforming gorse, a waste product, into eco-friendly golf tees and, eventually, replacing other plastic-based products in other industries with bioplastics made from NZ pest plants.

The concept for Green Waste Products NZ originated from Koro’s “a-ha” moment on the golf course. While searching for a Kurol in his pocket, he realised that every item he pulled out was made of plastic. This eye-opening experience made him acutely aware of the overwhelming presence of plastic in the game of golf, prompting him to take action and find a solution.

Over the next 12 months, Green Waste Products NZ aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of gorse bioplastics and the vast range of opportunities it presents. They have already created a functional prototype and are determined to scale up production, making gorse bioplastics readily available for New Zealand and global golfers. Their goal is not only to provide sustainable alternatives to golf accessories but also to raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastic waste in the sport.

The team firmly believes they are the right individuals to bring this idea to life. Their deep passion for the environment and golf fuels their drive to make a positive change. Fearlessly embracing this opportunity, they are committed to turning their vision into reality. Additionally, they recognise the importance of surrounding themselves with individuals who complement their existing skillset, ensuring a well-rounded team capable of overcoming challenges and driving sustainable innovation.

Green Waste Products NZ looks to Kōkiri for guidance and support in developing a successful business. Having previously founded businesses without a robust support network, they understand the significance of mentorship and accountability. The Kōkiri Business Accelerator programme has provided them with invaluable direction, allowing them to navigate the path to success effectively. Moreover, the opportunity to be part of a cohort of fellow Māori entrepreneurs inspires them to strive for excellence and reach their full potential.

As Green Waste Products NZ sets out to revolutionize the golf industry with gorse bioplastics, they exemplify the spirit of innovation and environmental stewardship. By transforming waste into sustainable solutions and challenging the status quo, they are paving the way for a more eco-conscious approach to golf and beyond. With their unwavering dedication and the support of the Kōkiri programme, Green Waste Products NZ is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry while preserving the beauty of the environment for future generations.

Connect with Green Waste Products NZ

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Green Waste Products - Team Photo
Green Waste Products – Team Photo
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