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Jain Tech: Bridging the Digital Divide for Future Generations

Empowering Kids for Digital Technology Career Pathways

Jain Tech, an innovative team driven by a passion for preparing kids for the digital future. With their much needed business idea, Jain Tech aims to bridge the gap between children and digital technology career pathways by establishing school-based e-sports programmes, leading to further tech educational exposure, and a chance to discover technology career pathways along the way.

Recognising the prevailing problem that kids often lack the necessary preparation for digital technology careers, Jain Tech has set out to introduce them to these pathways at a younger age. By creating e-sports programmes within schools, they provide children with access to technology and knowledge about its usage, often re engaging them in school and then exposign them to as much technology as possible, including coding – empowering them to explore and build confidence with digital skills, and potentially technology careers into the future.

The inspiration for Jain Tech’s idea stemmed from founder, Arahi Hippolite, a previous job, where the team discovered the five barriers hindering kids from participating in the digital economy. Two significant obstacles that stood out were limited access to technology and a lack of knowledge about its applications. Jain Tech’s journey began by assisting one school and subsequently expanded organically to encompass multiple schools, communities, and now entire regions.

Over the next 12 months, Jain Tech has set ambitious goals for their initiative. Their vision includes establishing technology hubs in four different regions, impacting the lives of 360 kids through their holiday programs. Alongside this, they aim to expand their team to include more dedicated staff members.

The Jain Tech the right individuals to drive this transformative idea forward. Their personal connection to the cause, combined with their unwavering determination, fuels their commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people. They wholeheartedly wish that such an opportunity had been available to them during their own formative years and are driven by the desire to ensure that no child misses out on valuable digital technology education.

As they embark on their entrepreneurial journey, Jain Tech looks to Kōkiri for valuable support and resources. They aim to connect with school principals and establish lasting relationships, seeking partners in the education space who share their vision and are willing to join hands in building a brighter future for the younger generation.

The Jain Tech team expresses their gratitude for the opportunity provided by Kōkiri. They are eager to collaborate, create lasting partnerships, and inspire young minds, unlocking their potential in the digital world. Through their technology hubs, Jain Tech aims to bridge the digital divide, empowering children with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a technology-driven future.

Connect with JainTech

EMAIL: [email protected]
YOUTUBE: @jaintechgaming
TWITCH: @jain_tech
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Jain Tech - Team Photo
Jain Tech – Team Photo
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