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Pairo Ltd: Revolutionising Recruitment Through Video and Storytelling

Pairing Organisations and Jobseekers Through the power of Video

Pairo Ltd, a dynamic team driven by a shared vision of transforming the recruitment landscape, aims to disrupt traditional recruitment practices with their video-based platform that pairs organisations and jobseekers in a unique and meaningful way.

The concept behind Pairo originated from a recognition of the barriers that individuals face when trying to get noticed and showcase their personality and true potential. Founders Raquel Harris, and Lee McLeod realised that the traditional one-size-fits-all model was limiting and lacked the ability to truly capture the essence of an individual. They also saw organisations struggle to showcase their company values, and the culture they were looking for the right people to fit in to.

Motivated by their desire to offer people an alternative platform for self-expression, they embarked on a mission to redefine recruitment through storytelling.

Over the next 12 months, Pairo has set ambitious goals for themselves. Their primary focus is on developing, testing, and validating their innovative platform. By immersing themselves in the process and learning from their customers, they aim to continuously improve and refine their offering. Additionally, they seek to secure paying customers and bring on board a technical expert to drive the growth and scalability of their platform.

The Pairo team are primed to spearhead this transformative idea. With a deep sense of empathy and an authentic desire to create a more inclusive and diverse recruitment process, they are driven by a genuine care for both organizations and talent. Collaboration and co-design are at the core of their vision, recognizing the importance of involving all stakeholders in the recruitment journey. The team’s diverse skill sets, and complementary perspectives enable them to approach challenges from multiple angles, fostering ambition and structure within their endeavor. They embrace a mindset of continuous learning, acknowledging that there is always room to grow and the willingness to seek expertise when needed.

In their pursuit of success, Pairo looks to Kōkiri for guidance and support. They recognise the need for structure and a supportive network to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. The opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and adopt proven processes is invaluable to their growth. Through the Kōkiri programme, they have transformed their ideas from mere discussions into actionable initiatives, immerse themselves in the startup culture, and gain the much-needed direction to focus their efforts and propel their vision forward.

The Pairo team express their sincere gratitude for the support they have received from the entire Kōkiri community. The uplifting and empowering nature of this supportive network has been instrumental in their journey. With unwavering determination and the guidance of Kōkiri, Pairo is poised to revolutionise recruitment by embracing the power of storytelling, empathy, and collaboration. By creating meaningful connections between organizations and talent, they are paving the way for a more inclusive and human-centric recruitment landscape.

Connect with Pairo

[email protected]
PHONE: +64 21 023 59120​


Pairo - Team Photo
Pairo – Team Photo
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