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Challenging appropriation with an authentic genuine Māori NFT driven by tikanga and based on pūrākau highlighting the life’s journey of a Toa.

The tāne from Twenty Tu say their business exists “To challenge appropriation, share our stories with our community, and guide people in the new Web3 space with our values and tikanga.”

These kaiarataki are driven by their experiences “Seeing appropriation of our identity, and non-Māori using things we hold sacred without understanding the meaning behind these taonga. We hope to deliver our version, incorporating our values and tikanga, and be an example in the space.”

Now is the time for our business because NFT have provided a level playing field for everyone to compete on. This new platform is the beginning of web3 and we want to be on the leading waka to journey to this new land of opportunity.

Till now the Twenty Tu team have built relationships and understanding to ensure they have a sure footing on a strong foundation.  They are exploring ways to incorporate Tikanga Māori into the online world, are developing their artwork and doing all the background work for their upcoming launch.

In the coming months, Twenty Tu are looking to build and engage with their community, targeted at Māori who want to get involved and learn about this new online world, by running competitions to grow awareness of their projects, ready to go live on Matariki.  They aim to introduce their multitalented team, begin to release merchandise, and begin to provide educational videos relating to Web3 and NFTs.

To help the Twenty Tu team build their community, they ask that you join their discord and bring a friend!  This will connect you to this passionate unapologetically Māori community in technology and allow them to share their stories, along the way learning the tikanga and the Toa way of life.


Peke-Tupaea Manawaiti (Maniapoto), Taumata Soloman (Ngāi Tūhoe), Michael Poipoi (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngā Puhi) and Joel Tamihana (Ngāti Wairere, Ngāti Kahungunu, Rangitaane, Tainui).

Peke-Tupaea Manawaiti

Co Founder

Taumata Soloman

Co Founder

Michael Poipoi

Co Founder

Kōkiri Coach

Nate Whitaker

Business Coach

Kōkiri Experience

Founders Michael, Peke and Tau have enjoyed learning the process that they’ve been shown, “all the tools, taking an idea and breaking it down, validating, identifying customer needs.” The team also valued the feedback from the experts, listening to all the other teams and their ideas, their feedback. The presenters, being able to listen to and talk to people they wouldn’t normally have a chance to meet. Seeing behind the scenes – Gaining access to successful Māori in their fields such as Kale Panoho from K&J Growth, Nikora Ngaporo in relation to his animation business, and Aisha Ross from Hillfarrance Venture Capital.

The Twenty Tu team are coming out of Kōkiri with a lot more direction. “Before we had lots of ideas and we’d touch on them sporadically. Kōkiri has given us a clearer direction and a more focused end goal and target.”

When asked what key elements of Kōkiri have added the most value for this team they say “The advisory board has been pretty awesome, it wasn’t something we’d have ever thought about, and started talking to people we’d have never thought we’d get time or meetings with them, and to get their feedback on the work we’re doing.”

The Twenty Tu team recommends others apply to Kōkiri for, “Just the opportunity to take your skills and business to that next level, accelerate what you’re already doing. Get you to your goals quicker and learn those different business strategies and tools. To validate your business/idea and make it a better version of what you initially thought. Get good feedback and do the great networking.”


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