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UPTO? Empowering Rangatahi Through Connection and Opportunity

A Digital Connector Platform for Rangatahi to Unlock their Potential

UPTO?, an innovative pakihi driven by a deep understanding of the challenges faced by rangatahi (young people). Solving the multifaceted problem of boredom and a lack of cash faced by many youth, with their business idea, UPTO? aims to bridge the gap between rangatahi and their communities, providing them with access to a diverse range of opportunities to nurture their talents, enhance their personal growth and make some money using their creative skills.

Recognising the disconnection that often exists between rangatahi and the opportunities available to them, UPTO? has developed a powerful digital connector platform. This platform serves as a catalyst for rangatahi to engage with relevant and exciting opportunities within their communities and online. By leveraging technology, UPTO? aims to empower rangatahi and equip them with the tools they need to shape their own pathways towards success.

The inspiration for UPTO? arose from Founder, Angela Dellow, having a deeply personal desire to have such a platform available to her own children. Angela feels a sense of urgency to make up for lost time and is determined to ensure that young people today have the chance to explore their talents fully. She passionately believes that the untapped potential of rangatahi should not go to waste and is committed to seeing a future where every young person has the opportunity to craft their own pathway to success. is live now, and over the next 12 months, UPTO? has set ambitious goals for this venture. The primary focus is to establish partnerships with like-minded organizations that share their vision of empowering rangatahi. By collaborating with these partners, UPTO? aims to increase traffic to their digital connector platform, ensuring that it becomes a valuable tool used by as many rangatahi as possible, as soon as possible.

Angela, and UPTO? possess the right blend of experience and passion to develop this transformative idea. Her strong community-based background, coupled with her role as parents to young people, has fueled the determination to create a platform that will unlock the potential of rangatahi. This pakihi are driven by a shared vision of seeing every young person exposed to a multitude of opportunities that align with their interests and aspirations.

As they embark on their entrepreneurial journey, UPTO? looked to Kōkiri for guidance and support. Their ask of Kōkiri included access to networking opportunities, the chance to establish valuable connections, and the opportunity to learn the processes necessary for developing the right business model to ensure the success of UPTO?. Their ultimate goal is to see UPTO? fully functional and in the hands of rangatahi, so they won’t be bored, and so that using their creative skills, they can generate an income for themselves, whilst also providing access and awareness for others like them, of fun things to do near them.

The UPTO? team expresses their gratitude for the opportunity provided by Kōkiri. They are eager to collaborate, learn, and network, with the ultimate aim of seeing UPTO? become a game-changing platform that empowers rangatahi and propels them towards a future of boundless potential. Through UPTO?, the team envisions a future where rangatahi are seamlessly connected to opportunities, enabling them to unlock their talents and shape their own paths towards success.

Connect with UPTO?

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